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International Flights Baggage Allowance


Cabin Baggage

Weight Concept : Maximum dimensions of per bag (H + W + L): 115 cm (45 inches)

Piece Concept : Ariana Afghan Airlines ermits only one piece of cabin baggage on board. The dimensions of which should not exceed 115 linear cms and weight should not exceed 7 kgs.


Baggage Dimensions for Boeing and Airbus aircraft:


Boeing / Airbus : 55 cms X 35 cms X 25 cms


Guests are permitted to carry one laptop over and above one piece of hand luggage as cabin baggage.


Contours are available at all airports to check the dimensions. If it exceeds these specifications, you will be requested to check your bag into the baggage hold. Hand baggage is accepted in the cabin subject to availability of space in the Over Head Bin. Restricted stowage space is also available under the front seat. In the event of no space being available in the aircraft to stow hand baggage, it will be necessary to remove and load the same in the baggage hold as per safety regulations.

Cabin Baggage Allowance

Guests are permitted to carry one piece not exceeding 7 kgs and 115 linear cms (45 inches). On our international routes, for First Class and Première, an additional non rigid framed garmet bag or a laptop is allowed.

Items not permitted in hand baggage

Gels, Alcohol, Liquids, Creams, Lotions, Sharp Articles etc


Checked Baggage

The ticket shows your free baggage allowance. Allowances may be based on weight or pieces (number of bags)


Sector Class Adult Child Infant
Frankfurt/Kabul/Frankfurt Business 40Kg 40Kg NIL
Frankfurt/Kabul/Frankfurt Economy 30Kg 30Kg NIL
Istanbul/Kabul/Istanbul Business 40Kg 30Kg NIL
Istanbul/Kabul/Istanbul Economy 30Kg 30Kg NIL
Moscow/Kabul/Moscow Business 40Kg 40Kg NIL
Moscow/Kabul/Moscow Economy 30Kg 30Kg NIL
Dubai/Kabul/Dubai Business 40Kg 40Kg NIL
Dubai/Kabul/Dubai Economy 30Kg 30Kg NIL
Delhi/Kabul/Delhi Business 40Kg 40Kg NIL
Delhi/Kabul/Delhi Economy 30Kg 30Kg NIL
Kuwait/Kabul/Kuwait Business  40Kg  40Kg  NIL
Kuwait/Kabul/Kuwait Economy  30Kg 30Kg   NIL
Jeddah/Kabul/Jeddah Business  40Kg 40Kg  NIL 
Jeddah/Kabul/Jeddah Economy  30Kg 30Kg  NIL 
Tehran/Kabul/Tehran Business  30Kg 30Kg  NIL 
Tehran/Kabul/Tehran Economy  20Kg 30Kg  NIL 
Urumqi/Kabul/Urumqi Business  30Kg 30Kg  NIL 
Urumqi/Kabul/Urumqi Economy  20Kg 20Kg  NIL 
Dushanbe/Kabul/Dushanbe Business 30Kg 30Kg NIL
Dushanbe/Kabul/Dushanbe Economy 20Kg 20Kg NIL


Infant with a seat can avail the same free baggage allowance as applicable to adult guest

Unless and otherwise specified in the fare rule.

Ariana Afghan Airlines will not accept any single piece of baggage weighing more then 30 kgs.

Free Baggage Allowance is applicable only on sectors operated by Ariana Afghan Airlines. Any baggage over the free checked allowance will be charged as excess baggage

Domestic Flights Baggage Allowance


Sector Class Adult Child Infant
Kabul/Kandahar/Kabul Business 30Kg 30Kg NIL
Kabul/Kandahar/Kabul Economy 20Kg 20Kg NIL
Kabul/Heart/Kabul Business  30Kg 30Kg  NIL 
Kabul/Heart/Kabul Economy  20Kg 20Kg  NIL