Product & Services
In-Flight Experience

We pride ourselves in providing world-class service coupled with warm Afghan hospitality.  So you can expect as high a standard of service on the ground, as you’d do in the air. 

Moreover, our professional internationally trained staffs go to extra lengths to ensure you have a comfortable and relaxing flying experience. 


When it comes to service, we always aim at delivering the very best.  This includes our in-flight meals, prepared in state-of-the-art kitchens by accomplished chefs.  Keeping in mind the individual needs of passengers, we offer a vast array of special meals. Your meal selection is just as important as the other details you give us when booking your flight.  Also, ordering and preparing special meals of your choice takes time.  So, to ensure that you get the meals that you want, please specify your preferences to the travel agent or the Ariana Afghan Airlines reservation staff at least 48 hours before your departure. 


Our new Airbus A310 aircrafts are equipped with Movie Entertainment system.  We will play variety of programs during the flight.


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